Agency Carbon/Green

Agency Carbon/Green is a full-service consultancy for organizations and individuals looking for green/sustainable solutions for their home or business. From eco-aware building supplies and materials to make your building greener, to more complex organization-wide strategic solutions, Carbon/Green can provide you with the assistance and answers you need.

Our areas of acumen are myriad- we can design LEED® compliant architectural solutions, develop eco-charrettes, provide energy/carbon audits for resource companies, source award- winning sustainable materials and resources, or create methodologies that give structure to your corporate green initiative.

We can also help you modernize your housing development, schools, commercial or industrial facility by procurement, installation, and maintenance of a diverse range of products to improve both the sustainability and performance of your organization. Talk to us confidentially about any 'best fit' solution you need completed on time, and on budget- from energy conservation measures for your buildings, to diversifying your portfolio via global CDM or renewable energy investment opportunities.

Doing their part, many national and municipal agencies offer tax credits and grants to incentivize the transition to a more sustainable model for commerce and development- making ‘going green’ appealing both socially and economically. At Carbon/Green, we help you leverage these programs and allowances to modernize your business, protect the environment, and increase the productivity of your workforce.

All Carbon/Green‘s Directors are LEED® accredited, and dedicated to providing you with the best consultation and service- you can be sure that our materials and strategic solutions are cutting edge. Always following international LeedingPractices®, Carbon/Green is ProudlyTrinidadian™, and committed to the Triple Bottom Line: Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, and Economic Prosperity.